Engineer habit-forming products

Low code solution to create incentivized user journeys with variable rewards and gamified challenges. Reduce CAC with organic growth 📈. Increase LTV 💰with high user engagement.

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    How it works

    Create Campaigns

    • Set tasks

    • Set rewards

    • Set triggers

    Integrate with Pachira

    • POST event

    • Integrate SDK

    • Reward your users with assets

    Get Insights

    • View campaign insights

    • Change campaign settings

    • Increase LTV:CAC

    Why Pachira

    The only platform which helps you gamify apps with assets, in a web2 world! Be the first ones to join the revolution!

    Easy integration

    Self-serve integration. Less than an hour to integrate and start experimenting

    Customer segmentation

    A/B test your campaigns and optimize reward payout based on the type of customer - demographic, sociographic, geographic markers and internal markers

    Cost effective

    15 day billing cycle. Pay only for the claimed rewards in full. Share the breakage with us to get a part of your expenditure back.

    Getting you default alive

    We are a couple of growth hackers who have seen the level of pain we had to go through to run an experiment, gain insights and scale it. We are on a mission to make it easy and efficient for the next generation!

    Eswar prasanth

    Ex-growth hacker - Rupeek, Ex-consultant - Mckinsey
    Enable sustainable growth for every business

    Marmik Pandya

    Ex-developer - Dream11 & Amazon
    Build products that users love

    Affordable pricing



    • 50 reward API calls per month

    • Do It Yourself integration

    • Public wallet access

    • Fraud detection



    • Unlimited API calls

    • Integration consulting

    • Private wallet integration

    • Customer segmentation

    • Fraud detection

    • A/B experiments

    • Breakage sharing

    Signup today to get up to $10 in reward credits

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